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The story starts at the age of five when his tiny hands get hold of the harmonica put on one side by his older brother.
Night on end he’s searching for his first tunes.
In those days he also puts his regular toys aside to play his self-improvised drums made of empty ice cream cans and frying pan covers.
A musical tour around the world has begun...

From that moment onwards, he takes his harmonica wherever he goes including to the boarding school at the sea sanatorium where for the first time, at the age of nine, he sings solo in front of the whole school.
Young miller gets addicted to music because he has to pull through life alone, without the presence of his mother, father and brother. It was most probably there that his iron will was shaped.

The musical experiences pile up and include performances in a choir, schoolband, duo group, folkbands, r&b/soulbands, percussionband and also as a solo-artist.
It’s obvious, miller is a man of great talent and as trained pianist he shows the same dedication when playing other instruments, such as drums, percussion, tin whistle, mandolin and of course his electro-acoustic guitar.
Only at the end of 2006 it dawned upon him that next to being musician, he was also able to write songs well and fluently out of his own feeling and knowledge of life.
Finally, he overcame his diffidence, and consequently the songs collected on this first album “So much more” show a certain maturity.

All this, along with the values and ideals acquired at home, inspires him and turns him into a singer/songwriter of full value.
The harmony between his tone of voice and unique guitarsound makes miller so recognizable yet surprising and always fascinating.
He takes you on the ‘way of everybody’, sometimes steep with some headwind or declining with a big smile, even twisting and always a straight part.
You are in good hands…